{November 7, 2009}  



The first lesson speaks for its self. No matter how much of a beginner or inexperienced you are at acting, never be afraid to SPEAK UP for yourself.  If you want your talent to be taken seriously, you not only can’t be afraid to display it, but you also can’t be afraid to make your own moves and connections. You don’t need a talent agency or manager to do for you what you can do for yourself with the right training and Know how.  If you are the one with the Goal, you have to take the initiative. It’s Your Life and no one will be as dedicated to your success as you. This leads us to the second jewel presented:


I believe this is the most important. Knowledge separates the haves from the have not’s, the rich from the poor, and the independent from the dependent.   Those who know can become successful using what they know. Those who don’t know always don’t know. Where to start? How to make it better? What to do next? They end up outliving their dreams and discontent with their life.  think about how many people you know who are known in their neighborhoods or around family or friends as being “good” at this or that, or even “exceptional” at this or that, but don’t have  the knowledge to compliment the talent and therefore never do anything with it. the only thing that seperates this person from someone who makes a living from their talent is KNOWLEDGE. be it KNOWING who to contact, KNOWING where to go or what to do. the key word here is KNOWING.

So this jewel speaks the truth that Knowing is half the battle. It’s just like school; you knew you had to study to know math or science or whatever subject you had to learn. And you knew that the more you studied the more you knew.  This applies likewise to your modeling career.  Take it upon yourself to learn how to read a contract, learn the language spoken by directors and producers, learn what makes someone successful at modeling, learn to BE what you want to BE.

Information is the most abundantly free asset in the world now thanks to the internet. Anything that you want to know about, you can find out about online. Any craft or skill that you want to master is there for you to learn it online. You may have to go beyond Google search, Wikipedia or an Ehow article and do some real Research thought. Fortunately ACTOUT has done most of this research for you, but as a lesson, knowing how to look for what you’re looking for makes the difference in finding out what you need to know.


The next jewel we give you to help you with your modeling career is Start Now. What does that mean? That means use every hour of every day that you’re not doing something else, to learn something about the modeling industry. Don’t be afraid to explore and ask questions, or seek out those who already know and pick their brains, and never stop working to be better. Nothing comes to a dreamer but a fantasy, and the only way to make your dream of becoming a model a reality is to MOVE towards it now!


As you begin to learn and understand more and make what you are dedicated to known around you, you will start to attract people of like mind. So surround yourself with people who have a set goal in life and put them in your cipher. Do not take this lightly.  Your environment plays a crucial part in what you become because TIME is too valuable to waste. If your environment does not promote you, it prevents you.  That’s why it’s important to spend most of your “leisure time” with people who acknowledge your potential and acknowledge the very real possibility of your success, while working towards their own. They don’t have to want to model or act, but at least want more than what they have and realize that it’s obtainable through hard work and dedication.  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS JEWEL. DO NOT FORGET IT.


The final jewel of the day is simple, and a very basic observation that requires not much thought.  Giving up is the surest way to guarantee failure. Whatever could have been or would have been becomes Never. Therefore you must not let anything distract you or deter you from your goal. ANYTHING. In life we go through different stages or conditions.  And they way things were ten years ago in your life are more than likely not the way they are now.  Therefore just because things are bad at a certain time do not mean they automatically have to stay bad. You have the power to change it.  If you are not ready now, work to getting ready. As long as you work, and put constant and focused effort into achievement you will eventually succeed at your goal.


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